Women in Aviation – male to female imbalance

It is difficult to believe that, with so much emphasis on gender equality in the workplace today, women are so vastly under-represented in the aviation and aerospace sectors. While women are very visible in customer service and administrative roles, behind the closed doors of the cockpits, the hangars and the board rooms, it is a very different story.

The number of women in ‘non-traditional’ roles, such as pilots and engineers, exposes a very uneven balance of men and women in the workplace, which exists right the way up to board level. If young women were continually exposed to successful role models in the industry, then more young girls would believe non-traditional roles are achievable for them too.

If a young girl sees a woman performing a job skill or career position, she may be more inclined to consider this as something for her as well. Exposing young people, boys and girls to aviation, is key to filling the manpower needs of this industry.

Being able to give young women hands-on experience plays a big part in inspiring young minds about their future in the aviation and aerospace sectors. It is the availability, or lack, of information and visibility that makes all the difference.

Information and hands on inspiration will make a huge difference! The industry players together with initiatives that strive to address gender balance by having programs that can allow for young women to have the exposure they need to make informed decisions.

Source: Airport Technology