WiAA Xplore

To aspire and cultivate the passion for Aviation and meet the future need for the industry – To build a strong core of Aviation specialists and professionals.

When pursuing a career in Aviation, it is great to have a connection with the Aviation world. Having a wide background opens the opportunities towards the Aviation job market and future career.

Encouraging students and others to explore and experience diverse opportunities within the Aviation industry to drive their interest is key. Activities can include any type of interaction that sparks and reinforces a desire to engage in the Aviation industry. Knowledge is key!  Hence the introduction of The WiAA Xplore! An add on to the WiAA Project

 We hope to raise the awareness of the exciting career options available across Aviation & Aerospace, while striving to change the society mindset about gender tagged roles and it is only possible if we engage the entire community.


WiAA's aviation career e-book

Prepared to target the youth is available to Scan on QR code. The book highlights the women in aviation we have interviewed, the types of careers available in aviation and how we can encourage more women participation and retention.