Video Resumes

Are video resumes a trend now?

We have seen more and more video resumes becoming common practice for employers to use for job interviews. The current Covid times has in fact created the need to sometimes replace the traditional written resumes. 

But what are the advantages of a video resume and how it can be resourceful tool? Many a times people tend to fake written resumes with information that is not necessarily true. 

  1. A video resume allows for the future employer to connect with the applicant and his/her personality and character which can be used to determine desired qualities and keenness of the individual whether he or she really wants the job.
  2. It also shows the creative side of the individual.
  3. How well the video resume is done also indicates the applicant’s knowledge of technology.
  4. It is also a great way to determine the communication skill assessment if the job commands good speaking skill and is customer facing.

With today’s need to work and have meetings via zoom, video resumes gives a very good insight of the individual and their ability as the right candidate for the job.