Third letter from Vietnam

The Covid-19 epidemic is still complicated all over the world. Luckily my country, Vietnam has well controlled the epidemic. The most difficult time was when Vietnam had to implement the social distance to prevent the spread of Covid-19. This is a good measure to help Vietnam control and extinguish the epidemic. However, it also caused a lot of difficulties for people. ​

Life was completely changed. Schools and offices were closed. Students had to study online and officials worked online as well. Some people were very anxious, bought and stored a lot of food and necessities that caused the prices to rise highly.

The Covid-19 epidemic also had a serious impact on the world economy, especially the aviation industry. After a period of the epidemic outbreak, the frequency of flights decreased markedly. Firstly, stop operating flights from China – Hong Kong – Taiwan – Macau, then suspend all international flights to Vietnam.

The airlines and ground handling companies in turn let their employees temporarily leave or dismiss. We all were very worried. Luckily I kept the job. Although the income is reduced, I try to organize and spend properly. My company has not left anyone behind during this difficult time. Employees who temporarily leave work are supported with maximum income. My company also offers the solutions to use this idle time to train and help employees to improve their foreign languages, management skills and professional knowledge to get ready when the market recovers. This also helps me and my colleagues have more motivation, belief and solidarity to try to overcome the difficulties together. 

I hope that the countries around the world can control the epidemic and vaccines will be developed soon. And we can expect a brighter future for the aviation industry in the coming months.