Dato Captain Norashikin Onn

Captain Norashikin Onn, proudly known to many as Shikin, is the 1st female pilot being accorded a commercial pilot’s license and flew for Airlines like Pelangi & Air Asia. Since young, Shikin had the ambition of being off the ground. She even thought of being an astronaut but the skies are the limits for now. Before being a pilot, she studied performing arts & management in the United States while taking up flying lessons in Florida. With over 20yrs of flying experience which includes bad weather, she still maintains her patience, calm & pro-active composure to follow procedures to deliver her best performance & duties. She is also a resilient volunteer and a club captain & manager of the 4B flying club in Melaka. Currently, she’s flying as a Training Captain in Air Asia X and being a mentor, icon, idol & role model to many aspiring dreamers.