Episode 2: A Female in Aviation, The Story of Hasnor Hashim

Women who juggle motherhood and a career successfully are usually more effective than males, and they are usually better at multitasking.

In this segment of our story on a female in Aviation, we have Hasnor. She is a mother of one with a second little bambino on the way! She is employed by Pos Aviation Malaysia as a Senior Executive, Regional Hub Development Division. The WiAA team had the opportunity to meet with Hasnor and interview her at her home in Nilai, Malaysia with her little 3 year old keeping us on our toes!!

Hasnor’s husband, Muhammad Irfan works in another city as an Airport Manager and as he is not always present, makes Hasnor a real superwoman juggling so much on her own…a reminder of my own nostalgic moments. We settled into asking her about her job and her take on women in aviation roles. 

She claims that despite her male colleagues making her feel at home and being part of the team, there still is always a little “wicked” thought for example, at a meeting she is teased to make the coffee because she is a female. The point is that certain feminine related attributes will always be hard to shake. Encouraging and having more females in the aviation industry can add tremendous value to the overall balance and acceptability to reduce the gender bias. It is a mindset and it is certainly something that can be changed. 

So let us take a look at her interview video and see what she has to say!