Episode 31: Opportunities, Respect, and an Inspiration — The Story of Jocelyn Yee

By Joanna Dela Peña

This is a story of a woman who amidst diversity made it her mantra that professionalism overrules gender when it comes to your career. The life of Jocelyn Yee and her rise on the ladder towards being a leader in aviation, is a story that revolves around the determination, grit, and the preparation it takes to grab opportunities as they come.

Just like a lot of us, Jocelyn did not immediately enter aviation headfirst. She dipped her toes in the world of travel and tourism. This was way back in 2006. She started in AirAsia, Expedia and in a Travel Technology Company that provides package booking engine to airline companies. This first step piqued her interest so much that she flew to Spain to further her studies in Innovation Tourism and Marketing, which then led to a job at a 5-star resort chain in Portugal. By 2018 she went back to her roots, the place she calls home — Malaysia, and landed a management position for the startup project of Berjaya Air to resume flight services to Redang Island. This is now where she pours all her efforts and hard work.

However, the life of managing a start-up is not an easy feat. Jocelyn knew close to nothing when she started; but she grabbed this opportunity and was determined to succeed. This is a mark of a remarkable woman in aviation. She did not shy away from asking for help when needed. She led this company through humble service and by the 20th of February 2020, they successfully launched their inaugural flight to Redang Island.

This was, and still is, an amazing achievement amidst the dark tunnel that aviation is going through right now. But in the words of Jocelyn, “good thing is we are at the end of the dark tunnel when the domestic travel is now opened”.

So, what made Jocelyn so successful and determined? It is the realization that respect plays a vital role in the aviation industry and workplace. Acknowledgement that whether it is a male or a female who work as the pilots, engineers, ground handlers, flight attendants, and even the leading roles within the aviation industry; they hold that position because they are capable and because they can. She also emphasized the role that communication plays. She said that “It is always two-ways communication between each other to make things work”. Therefore, despite that only 37% of Berjaya Air are women, there is no prejudice or bias in their work environment.

Jocelyn embodies all the characteristics of a confident woman that does not let other people tell her “no”. She believes in knowing your own capabilities — in deciding for yourself and achieving what you want to do. She continues to inspire young women to pursue their dreams and to follow their heart’s desires. She encourages us to “find out the info and seek the assistance from the professionals who can give you insightful details who can help you with better decision making”.

For our readers out there, may you be inspired by the story of Jocelyn Yee. A woman with a heart for service, respect for coworkers, and adventure flowing in her veins. She remains steadfast in her pursuit to never waste opportunities when it comes; our hope here in The WiAA Project is you do too.   

“You are who you are, be prepared all the time because opportunity is for those who prepare. Grab it now and worry later because there is more than just one solution for a single problem.”