Special Report on Women's Day on March 8th: China Airlines flight attendants retrograde to Wuhan

By China Express Airlines

During the "epidemic" of this war, we saw many beautiful figures, such as the dignified and beautiful flight attendants who stood up at the critical moment when the motherland needed it most. Faced with danger, they had no hesitation in going retrograde to Wuhan, the hardest hit by the epidemic.


On the occasion of Women's Day on March 8th, we will show their stories in the fight against the epidemic in microcosm, and pay tribute to the female compatriots who are fighting on the front line of "epidemic prevention and control, emergency transportation" in the civil aviation system of China!

Image Courtesy of China Express Airlines: Bao Ziyan who did not wear a mask before the outbreak

Bao Ziyan is a flight attendant who joined China Airlines in January 2019. She, like most of her peers who are struggling in the frontline, is the only child in the family. Due to the seasonality of civil aviation transportation, especially during the Spring Festival, when she chose to become a flight attendant, her parents had accepted the fact that she could not be reunited during the Spring Festival.


Only this year is different. Bao Ziyan's parents live in Wuhan, where the epidemic is the most severe. Although her daughter stays at the China Airlines main base in Chongqing and is performing domestic and international flights, she often misses the health of her parents.


On February 1, Bao Ziyan flew for ten hours and was very exhausted. On February 2, when she was resting, she suddenly received a call from the company, saying that there was a charter flight guarantee to transport the Chongqing medical team to Wuhan. Task, ask her if she wants to go.


This is the first charter flight guarantee mission to Wuhan carried out by China Airlines after the outbreak. Of course, Bao Ziyan knew what it meant to fly to Wuhan. Not only was there a risk of contracting the virus, but she would also be quarantined after returning, but her strong sense of responsibility made her say three words without hesitation: "I do."

Image Courtesy of China Express Airlines: China Airlines assists Wuhan’s first charter flight to guarantee the entire crew of G59001

Therefore, Bao Ziyan took the time to wash and prepare, and told her parents in Wuhan that she would fly to Wuhan to transport supplies and medical staff. "Although my parents are worried, they are still proud of me. Then I went to the company in advance to do some preparatory work. Our flight attendant wrote more than 120 blessing cards to the medical team members on the flight that day.


When Bao Ziyan saw this special group of passengers on the plane, he found that most of them did not look very old, and some of them secretly shed tears by videotaping with their family members when they first boarded the plane. So Bao Ziyan, born in the 90s, said to them: "I am from Wuhan and work in Chongqing. Thank you very much for helping my hometown. I hope that when you return triumphantly, I will pick you up."

Image Courtesy of China Express Airlines:A greeting card written by the crew of China Airlines flight G59001 for special passengers of the day

After completing the mission, Bao Ziyan and the entire crew were quarantined for 14 days, but she (they) never regretted it. In order to help the epidemic area, she (they) chose to go forward without hesitation.

Image Courtesy of China Express Airlines: Bao Ziyan, who was isolated at home after completing the mission to aid Wuhan, cheered for Wuhan

In China Airlines, there are many employees like Bao Ziyan. They may not be on the front line like medical staff, but they use their own actions, love their jobs, stick to their posts, and silently contribute to the fight against the epidemic.  

They are the most praiseworthy roses on Women's Day!





































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