Press Release- Launching of Women in Aviation Asia

Launch of Women in Aviation Asia!
Aug 03, 2020

Kuala Lumpur, July 30th 2020 – In times of an economic or safety crisis, we need to remain watchful on any backward trend on women empowerment. One positive outlook comes from the younger generation, so in order to keep the upward trend we are launching “The WiAA Project”.

Founded by a team of women with a passion for aviation, The WiAA Project is an online and publicity media platform with the goal of encouraging and inspiring women to be a part of the aviation and related industry. In the last few decades, the aviation industry has grown significantly, provided benefits to many, and has allowed for easy and safe travel worldwide. 

Women have played an essential role in the growth and development of the industry, and we’d like to showcase that. As a support to the industry, The WiAA Project will enable women in aviation jobs and related entities to inspire and encourage other women alongside promoting their organization. 

We envision empowerment through Aviation campaigns to be expressed via stories, photographs, videos and interviews with women within the industry as a way to inspire and guide other women and girls. The objective is to extract and utilize their powerful knowledge and dedication to motivate other women to be part of this industry.

The goal is to grow and connect with readers who share an interest in aviation, and to share content that is valuable and meaningful. We want women to be inspired, confident and empowered to pursue careers in aviation. It is important to create an online presence by dedicatedly promoting the aviation industry. It is important to recognise gaps and shifts and to adapt to them accordingly.​