CEO of Malaysia Airlines – Captain Izham Ismail

The WiAA Project Media Advisor had the pleasure to meet with the CEO of Malaysia Airlines, Captain Izham Ismail, a child of mixed parentage. He certainly has come a long way from starting as a cadet pilot to being the CEO. Izham took on the role as chief executive officer in 2017, the 18th role he’s taken on in Malaysia Airlines Group. 

The media-shy personality showed a different side of things when he casually chatted and turned what was supposedly an exclusive interview into an interactive reality talk-show. His gentle voice, gesture and actions constantly showed that he is as down-to-earth as the writer describes in the article link below. We got to learn so much from him about how his people-centric character & focus on passion brought his determination from humble beginnings to every finest detail. He tells you straight and spot-on the truth and facts even if it’s down to the smallest things like whether the food sucks or not.

Let’s take a closer look at a man, who advocates for equality, diversity, unity, harmony etc; treating even a doorman as close as family to him.

The indomitable Captain Izham Ismail’s lasting legacy by New Straits Times.