Aviatrix – Women in the skies

So, what’s it like to be seated in the jump seat and look at the Women work? Wanna find out? Take a look at this YouTube video that exclusively gives us an exemplary experience of the Women at Emirates taking command of the skies.

Emirates has a huge workforce and 40% of them are the ladies! Their women pilots come from over 30 nationalities ranging from age 23 to 62 years old and that’s impressive for a workforce of more than 1,100 Emiratis in the Emirates Group. Majority of the women works as cabin crew and spans over 160 nationalities.

Not all Women Pilots are passenger airline pilots. Some are flight instructors while others may be flying for cargo. (Read about our article: So you want to be a pilot?)

Join Captain Ellen Roz (USA) and First Officer Heidi McDiarmid (Australia) on the flight deck of a Boeing 777 Freighter from Mexico City to Quito in Equador.

Exclusive Point Of View (POV) ride & feel inside of a B777F by Emirates Women Pilot

Or be in the front row seat while an All-Women Tech Crew flies you out of Amsterdam. Feel like having a virtual experience?

Piloting EMIRATES Boeing 777 into Amsterdam | Cockpit Views

​Since this is The WiAA Project, how about another video of Asian Women Piloting the A320 instead?

Two Female Pilots Fly the A320

Lastly, a heart-warming video of a Mother & 2 Daughters as Pilots, while one of the sisters gets to fly with Mum!

Meet First Mother & Daughters Airline Pilots at Delta: piloting is a family business