Journey of a Flight Dispatcher

This is a journey of a 24-Year-old Flight Dispatcher from Air Alsie, Anita Liew who started off her career in the aviation sector at the age 21 years old and had since not been able to see herself in any other profession. Her highly motivated and driven personality has played a huge role as she strives in an industry dominated by men.

Her aviation story began after high school when she was in search of her true calling. She was first enrolled in two other courses before she found this growing passion for the aviation industry. It was November 2014 when she pursued her Diploma in Flight Operation Management with Aviation Management College (AMC).

Throughout her time in college, she had been actively involved in college events, particularly with the Student representative council. She has also hosted numerous college events and has helmed the role as Masters of Ceremonies. When asked what her greatest achievement in college was, Anita had shared one of her happiest moments when she won the award for Best female debater in AMC’s competition.

Her first major challenge started when she was accepted as Sapura Aero’s Internship student under their operations arm, Aero Handlers Sdn. Bhd in July 2017. Here Anita was assigned as a Flight Operation Trainee and she learned all there is to know behind the scenes of a flight operation office. She knew she had to work hard to succeed and she quickly learned the tricks of the trade from her peers as she aspires to be a Flight Dispatcher in the future.

Not long after completing her internship, she had managed to secure a position as Operation specialist with renowned ASEAN trip support company, Aviation One Pte. Ltd. As she quickly adapted with the working lifestyle, she juggled between her new job whilst learning everything the industry has to offer. By the end of her tenure, she was able to handle flights across the globe and was familiar with regulatory requirements.

She then landed her current job with Air Alsie A/S, a Business Jet Operated based in Denmark. As a flight dispatcher, she is tasked with preparing and planning daily flight plans such as flight route planning, weather monitoring, crew arrangement and permit applications. Anita is also very thankful for the support she has received from her colleagues throughout her tenure. They have immensely contributed to her career growth and guiding her towards a reputable Flight Dispatcher.

Overall, as a Flight Dispatcher Anita co-holds the legal accountability to dispatch a flight with the pilot in command. One of the few attributes she has held closely which contributed to her successful management of flight operations is her ability to persevere through any situation calmly and persistence in getting the job done. Anita highly encourages the youth to explore the various sectors in aviation as she believes that nothing is impossible if you put your heart to it.