Flying with Confidence at The Registry of Aruba

By The Registry of Aruba

Some are born with wings, but not everyone can soar. Alexandria Colindres, the Chief Operating Officer of the Registry of Aruba, has managed the latter. As one of a growing number of high-ranking women in business, she credits her success to the support she’s received from the tight-knit group of women in the aviation industry.


“I can’t even begin to tell you how many of my female colleagues took time out of their busy schedules to offer me advice and guidance,” she said of her years starting out.

Besides the pressures of being a young woman in her male-dominated industry, Colindres already had some very big shoes to fill when she took over as The Registry of Aruba’s COO. Colindres’ father, Jorge, pioneered the world’s first private-public aircraft registry 25 years ago, developing the relationships and expertise needed to put Aruba on the map as a safe, efficient and customer-facing registry. Today, following Jorge’s lead, Alexandria brings her own charisma, as well as a background in both art and business, to her father’s customers as well as a new generation of aircraft owners and operators.

The Registry of Aruba is rated Category-1 by the FAA, and the Aruba-US Open Skies reciprocity agreement allows Aruban operators up to 7th freedom traffic rights to the USA, allowing them to execute seamless commercial non-scheduled flights. Additionally, every one of the Registry’s AOC operators has successfully obtained their Part 129 approvals expeditiously. Similarly, the DCA of Aruba has an excellent relationship with EASA, and the Registry’s last AOC operator to have applied for their TCO approval received it within a mere three weeks.


“Nowadays more and more operators realize the advantages offshore registries can offer, in terms of operational flexibility, quality and speed of service,” notes Colindres. “And aircraft are not only registered offshore to minimize taxes. The ‘neutral’ registration mark offered by an offshore registry can provide global travel with more confidentiality.”

In fact, there are times when registration with a low-profile flag is necessary for political reasons. Security considerations are critical and will only become more important in the future. Aruba is a jurisdiction with a long history of providing the utmost in client privacy and confidentiality, building the trust VIP clients place in the Registry Aruba.


The stand-out, personal service and consistent relationship-building cultivated by Alexandria Colindres has allowed the Registry of Aruba, which has approval inspectors all over the world, to expand its business far beyond their most obvious markets in the US and Europe, too.


“We are enjoying a great deal of exposure in Asia. I think it was driven by all of the personalized visits we made to a number of aircraft owners there a few years ago. That kind of personalized approach is acknowledged in Asia. Relationships are the key to all our success,” she says. Quoting her father’s favorite phrase, she adds, “People do business with people they like.”

Since those visits, Hong Kong’s Sino Jet, as well as Business Aviation Asia, Aegle Aviation, Amber Aviation and Avion Jet Limited have all registered aircraft in Aruba. Aruba has also scrutinized the standards of some countries’ maintenance facilities, resulting in agreements with the CAAs of Hong Kong, UAE, Singapore and EASA that allow P4 aircraft to receive service there.


As private aircraft begin to take to the sky again in 2021, The Registry of Aruba wants to use its wings to help their family of clients truly soar.





































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