In times of an economic or safety crisis, we need to remain watchful of any backward trend on women empowerment. So in order to keep the upward trend we are launching “The WiAA Project”.


Founded by a team of women with a passion for aviation , The WiAA Project is an online and publicity media platform with the goal of encouraging and inspiring women to be a part of the aviation and related industry. In the last few decades, the aviation industry has grown significantly, provided benefits to many, and has allowed for easy and safe travel worldwide. 


Women have played an essential role in the growth and development of the industry, and we’d like to showcase that. As a support to the industry, The WiAA Project will enable women in aviation jobs and related entities to inspire and encourage other women alongside promoting their organization. 


We envision empowerment through Aviation campaigns to be expressed via stories, photographs, videos and interviews with women within the industry as a way to inspire and guide other women and girls. The objective is to extract and utilize their powerful knowledge and dedication to motivate other women to be part of this industry. We need women as visible role models.


The goal is to grow and connect with readers who share an interest in aviation, and to share content that is valuable and meaningful. We want women to be inspired, confident and empowered to pursue careers in aviation. It is important to create an online presence by dedicatedly promoting the aviation industry. It is important to recognise gaps and shifts and to adapt to them accordingly.

We are an independent platform without any affiliation with other aviation organisations, however our goal is to work as strategic partners with others to build awareness of the ideology and objectives.

To add, The WiAA Project has been endorsed by the Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia (CAAM).

Our Mission
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Hi! My name is Katy Chahal. I currently run my own  aviation and events company and have vast experience in non profit activities. With more than 10 years in coordinating aviation events such as the Singapore Air Show for major clients like Pratt & Whitney Canada, Bombardier and ARINC, I come with a very strong aviation background and links to the aviation industry. Being a supporter of women's empowerment, through The WiAA Project,  my team and I envision to encourage  more women to be a part of this industry.



PR & Communications Director

Hi everyone! My name is Raja Sharmaine and I am currently the Director of PR and Communications at The WiAA Project. I've always had a passion for the aviation industry since I was young and this led me to pursue a degree in aeronautical engineering. I then went on to pursue a career in consulting and IT but my passion has still very much been for aviation. Being able to see women excel in an industry that is male dominated is really admirable and encouraging.

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Hi I am Avril Ganguly. I currently work as an Aircraft Sales analyst. My experience includes Business Development for a Line Maintenance Organisation and I served as a junior aircraft technician (avionics) doing base maintenance on contract at a local MRO. The WiAA Project is a good platform to get connected to others in the aviation industry and I fully support the mission and vision of The WiAA Project with the hope that more women find comfort to be in a male dominated industry. Let us all rise and treat ourselves equally. The first step is to accept yourself and believe that you can!

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Hello I am Kim Rade, born and raised in East Malaysia. With a Bachelors in Public Relations, I had the opportunity to pursue an internship course in Air Asia which has grown the passion in me for the Aviation Industry since. I believe in and support The WiAA Project as it is a good platform for gender equality and women empowerment for the future generations to come.

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Hello, my name is Amy Farn. I'm glad to be a part of the WiAA Project support team whose goals are to encourage women and motivate women in aviation. I was born in Malaysia and raised in the UK in my younger years. I have spent the last 5 years in Qatar for work. Spending five years in Law was too mundane for me so I shifted to Aviation and I've been in the aviation industry for Qatar Airways for the past five years. I recently acquired my Commercial Pilot License FAA in Florida and looking to progress to the flight deck sometime in the future. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Arts from Wichita State University and I also have a Bachelor of Laws from Cardiff University. I'm all for empowering women in all forms of industries especially so, in the areas of aviation so I'm always excited to see fellow women in Aviation.



 Marketing Director

Hi I am Mindy Kon! My first exposure to Aviation was when I assisted my employer then to purchase a private Jet. I have since been closely linked to this industry and I currently freelance arranging flight requests such as coordinating crew and catering. I also manage client’s jets in terms of managing checks and grooming etc, working with MRO’s. My belief in Empowering women has inspired me to be a part of The WiAA Project initiative.

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Hi I am Brandon! From young I grew up in a family of Aviators. This allowed for air travel and exposure to aviation from a very young age. With time my passion for aviation grew. I worked with a number of NGO’s that advocated Women’s rights and Empowerment, hence my involvement with The WiAA Project initiative. My forte lies in media, events, branding, IT and broadcasting and run my own content creation and production company

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Hi, I am Dwayne Visvananda and I started my aviation career from a technical background. I had the opportunity to experience both line and heavy base maintenance on various commercial aircraft types and engines. Currently I head our recruitment arm, primarily providing technical manpower support solutions to MRO and airlines. I am glad to be a part of the WiAA project as we have our interest and passions aligned. I strongly support gender equality and Women power. I hope this initiative will pique the younger generation's interest in this exciting industry.

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30 years of work and business experience in various public and private sectors of various corporations,  Wan Affy has acquired great skill sets in areas across Event Management  and Entrepreneurship education and training, Sales & Marketing, Finance, and Project Management.  Wan Affy is active in NGO and currently is President of Kelantan Women Association Malaysia, a Committee Member for Women Sports and Foundation Malaysia and Honorary Advisor to Malaysian Sport Boules BOCCE Association.  Wan Affy currently serves as Board Member in one of the Government Agencies. Wan Affy graduated from Miami University, Ohio, USA with a Degree in Business Administration and holds a Master Degree in Entrepreneurship from University Technology Malaysia.





































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