A letter from Vietnam

Hello, my name is Mai Thi Ha. I come from Vietnam. I have worked for DHT Aviation Inc., a company providing the full package aviation services, for more than 04 years. And I actually love to work in the aviation industry.

Since January 2020, novel coronavirus has spread rapidly across the globe.  This pandemic has caused an unprecedented impact on the aviation industry. Almost all of us have felt it.  

I’m extremely lucky and grateful for the amazing effort in fighting the Covid-19 of the Vietnamese Government. Because of that, for the last 02 months, there haven’t been any new patients recorded in my country. The social distancing campaign has been loosened and we have come back to normal life for over a month now. But actually, amidst Covid-19 outbreak, I’m scared for myself. The fear and anxiety levels are getting higher since more people are getting sick. 

My life seems to be turned upside down because of this pandemic. For the first few weeks of isolation, I really lost control, became unmotivated, lazy. When I woke up the next day I felt so bloated. I have gone into social distance, canceled events, canceled travel, work from home, and looked suspiciously at anyone who sneezes or coughs. But the thing that bothers me is my work. For myself, this is definitely a hard time for my career. Due to travel restrictions, flights to my country were temporarily suspended. That made a huge impact on my work and my salary as well. That is something I absolutely don’t want at all. I did really wonder when my work would return to normal.

However, in this time of distress, I can’t let myself down. For almost 03 months, the pandemic has given me a different perspective and the stress it puts on myself. I believe that short term things are kind of bleak. My life and my career will return to normal soon. Hence, I always push myself to spread positivity and find something beautiful to look forward to. I was fully on the grind, working out most days, constantly expanding my knowledge base. I always try to remind myself to do the good things and continue striving to have a good day. I came across those days and it really reminded me to continue striving for balance that I need to live my life. This year has been unlike any other, it’s made us all uncomfortable in some way. Yes, tough things happen to everyone, but what really matters is how we deal with it. You can turn it into something positive. In general, here is something I’ve done to face the scary and turn negative things into good ones. 

I hope you guys stay safe, stay excited, stay passionate. Do not let the challenging present get you down. Be strong and think positive from every situation. Everything will be fine. I believe that.