Apa Khabar

The WiAA Project’s objective is to empower women through aviation by educating and encouraging more women to be a part of the Aviation Industry. We like to see girls and women be inspired and to spark the desire in them to want to learn more about the different possibilities in Aviation. 


Championing Women in the Cockpit

Just 5% of the world’s 290,000 licensed commercial pilots are women. This means that for every twenty flights, just one of them will have a woman in the cockpit....

Our Objective

We envision empowerment through Aviation campaigns to be expressed via stories, photographs, videos and interviews with women within the industry as a way to inspire and guide other women and girls. The objective is to extract and utilize their powerful knowledge and dedication to motivate other women to be part of this industry. We need women as visible role models. 

Episode 21: How a clove symbol on a Gallete des Rois, inspired Laetitia Boura to join Aviation ...

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WiAA is recruiting volunteers to be a part of our working team to support our activities in countries in Asia...join our team to support The WiAA Project.... ...

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