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The WiAA Project’s objective is to empower women through aviation by educating and encouraging more women to be a part of the Aviation Industry. We like to see girls and women be inspired and to spark the desire in them to want to learn more about the different possibilities in Aviation. 

Our Objective

We envision empowerment through Aviation campaigns to be expressed via stories, photographs, videos and interviews with women within the industry as a way to inspire and guide other women and girls. The objective is to extract and utilize their powerful knowledge and dedication to motivate other women to be part of this industry. We need women as visible role models. 

Stay tuned for our Sky Talk with Dato Hasan and team from ISB/S-Daico on the Selangor Aviation Show (SAS) 2021!
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Why are there so few women in Aviation & Aerospace? The reason is quite simply that aviation has always been seen as a less favorable as it is culturally, a very male dominated industry. It is quite not so often that careers in aviation are talked about in schools or at home during their career guidance sessions.

Girls in schools are equally as good as boys in performing in STEM subjects, however when girls do get into scientific and technical careers they usually end up in industries like medical or computer sciences etc. as these jobs have been exposed to them from a young age and that some of these careers do require the softer skills that females are associated with.

It is clearly a lack of influence and exposure to aviation during their schooling years that we see very few women in this industry. As a result, we have very few inspirational role models. The WiAA Project is an initiative that has set out to not only highlight the role models who are a part of the industry but to also tap into the education system to expose aviation via activities to schoolgirls and boys – to influence girls and for boys to understand that gender tagged roles should not exist.

Our initiative is supported by The WiAA Team members, who are not only from aviation but from other walks, as they believe in equal opportunities for both genders. #empoweringwomenthroughaviation

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The best possible way to influence young women to pursue a career in aviation is through inspiration and role models. We always look for females in the industry to write their inspiring stories! We are open to suggestions and ideas. #empoweringwomenthroughaviation ...

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This time Who@WiAA we have Dwayne who supports The WiAA Project! Thank you Dwayne.

Hi, I am Dwayne Visvananda and I started my aviation career from a technical background. I had the opportunity to experience both line and heavy base maintenance on various commercial aircraft types and engines. Currently I head our recruitment arm, primarily providing technical manpower support solutions to MRO and airlines. I am glad to be a part of the WiAA project as we have our interest and passions aligned. I strongly support gender equality and Women power. I hope this initiative will pique the younger generation’s interest in this exciting industry.#empoweringwomenthroughaviation

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